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Nuts, Bolts, Screws and Hardware Materials

Hardware materials are a broad category that includes important products that we often need in our lives. Building fasteners are needed intensively in daily life as well as in various production and industrial sectors. Civtec; is a corporate company that also markets bolts, nuts, screws and various other hardware materials over a wide network. With the high employment within the company, it allows many people to work on a national basis and to take an active role in the business world. All products produced under the Civtec name are also guaranteed for high quality and long-lasting use. Civtec continues to be a guiding and pioneering name while growing day by day in the sector with the collaborations it has signed on both national and international basis.


International Marketing in Screw, Nut Fasteners

Fastening materials such as bolts, screws and lugs usually take on the task of joining parts. With this joining process, the product comes to the fore with its features such as increasing its strength and supporting its durability. Hardware materials such as washers and nuts, on the other hand, attract attention with features such as preventing leakage, expanding the surface area, preventing cracks and easy use as complementary products. Hardware materials can be produced in various models and shapes according to the area, location and material properties they will be used in. Products such as screws and bolts have a wide choice of lengths, while products such as nuts and washers feature differences in diameter and size. He also knows that technical products such as dowels are designed in different ways according to the place of use.

With 36 years of experience, Civtec takes an active role in all areas from the production to marketing of all kinds of screws, nuts, bolts and other fastening materials. The company is an important asset in Turkey with its wide working area, strong connections and high employment power. Civtec has taken on the role of a guide thanks to its presence in the sector for many years and its success on a national and international basis. Within the disciplined working system of the company, there are successes in the field of effective communication and process management with all large and small businesses and companies.

We have been guiding our future for over a century.

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Customers may not always have comprehensive information about the technical specifications of the connecting materials. It is ideal to find and use the most suitable building materials with the support of a knowledgeable person in this field. If products with the right structural properties are not preferred among the building fasteners with a wide variety of models and sizes, there is a risk of not reaching the expected reinforcement and reinforcement targets.

Civtec has a disciplined working system that gives importance to customer satisfaction and ensures that everyone who chooses it is special. The importance given to the customer service department makes it possible to establish an effective communication network in shopping processes. In this way, the wishes of the customer are perceived in the most accurate and healthy way. The company, which manages to offer its customers exactly what they want, manages to add more smiling faces to its portfolio every day. Civtec customers are always met with the most suitable offers and options, whether they are doing individual shopping or needing wholesale shopping on a sectoral basis. Customers who find clear and transparent answers to all their questions are pleased to work with Civtec.

You can choose Civtec, which offers quality and trust with its 36 years of experience and corporate identity, for your nuts, bolts, screws and various other hardware materials shopping. You can contact customer services by getting support from the company contact information about the products and the purchasing process.

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