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Stamp is an important part among building materials and hardware products. This technical product, which has a wide range of uses, undertakes many serious tasks. Another name for the washer, which is known for its thin, round and perforated appearance, is washer. It is used by passing connection materials such as screws and bolts through the hole in the middle of the washer. The washer, which provides support for the bolt to expand the surface area at the top, prevents damage that may occur during the assembly of various products. In this respect, the stamp, which has both a protective and a reinforcing function, is often preferred because it is extremely easy to use.
Where Is Stamp Used?
Stamp is one of the products with an extremely wide usage area among hardware materials. In the world of professional production, as the industrial sector was supported by stamps, washers may be needed in many different places in daily life, especially furniture assembly. The stamp has spread to a wider area of ​​use with its different models. Lock washers are used to fix and hold things together, while spanner washers are used to balance between two load-bearing surfaces. Washers can be used in many different places to reduce the risk of leakage and loosening.
How Are Stamp Prices?
Stamp, besides being a small-sized hardware item, has extremely important vital tasks. For this reason, not purchasing this material in places where the use of stamps is necessary may pose great risks. People who will buy stamps may be curious about issues such as the prices of these products. It is known that flakes and other fastening materials have an extremely wide production sector. Therefore, it is possible to encounter variable prices in the market. Stamp buyers' making a choice not only based on price, but also by comparing quality, reliability and value can lead to healthier results.
Civtec manufactures many fastening materials such as washers, screws, nuts and bolts from high quality materials. The company, which is one of the leading names in the sector, has a wide market network. You can get a price quote by contacting the company quickly for your bulk and retail stamp purchases.

Flat washer Whitworth thin type

Flat washer Whitworth thick type

DIN125 / ISO7089-90 / TS79/1 Flat Washer

DIN6798 Serrated Lock Washer

DIN127 B Lock Washer Shape B

DIN7989 A Flat Washer, Turned For Steel Constructi

DIN94 Splint Pin

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